InnGenius Software

InnGenius is a comprehensive web based state of the art Energy Management system delivering unparalleled energy savings by monitoring a whole host of different sensors and making intelligent decisions to fine tune a building’s environmental systems to save energy while simultaneously making these adjustments imperceptible to its human occupants. These intelligent decisions can be as simple as reducing HVAC loads when InnGenius senses no human is in a room or reducing lumen levels in hallway when natural sunlight is available, to complex decisions based on multiple inputs from large number of sensors.

While InnGenius is intelligent enough to make most energy management decisions based on rules and parameters set by building management, it is also smart enough to know when to inform a human of events calling for action, such as a suspected air filter clogged on an HVAC unit.

InnGenius strikes the best balance between energy savings and people comfort, between automated decision making and human oversight, and delivers real time information to property management for corrective and preventative action.

InnGenius shows property managers a quick overview of occupied times and energy used property wide:

InnGenius continuously monitors all devices in the network and calls attention to any problems or conditions calling for human attention:

In order to make the user experience intuitive, InnGenius represent all the basic sensory info from a room with little icons - a man means the room is occupied, the open door means a door is currently opened, etc. InnGenius also shows current temperature, the desired guest temperature as set on the thermostat, and the current humidity. This Room Overview makes it very simple for even the least trained to ascertain the situation in a room.
InnGenius makes it very easy for maintenance or even front desk personnel to respond to guest complaints. For example, Building 2 Floor 7 Room 39 (third column 3rd down) is a good example. If the current temperature is 75, but the guest wants 72 why isn't the room cooling? The answer is that the door is open and our interlock has prevented the AC from running.

Delving deeper into the reporting, authorized users (there are multiple levels) have access to more detailed information. This screen lets them select which data elements they wish to view. Since all sensory events are synchronized by InnGenius, they can view the interplay of door switches, motion detectors, etc right along with temperatures, humidity, run times, etc.

This is an interactive graph which can be stretched or compressed in both the x and y axis as well as allowing the user to click or un click data elements to be shown, as this movie demonstrates. As you can see this chart has the ability to zoom in to a minute by minute performance of a room, or zoom out to whatever time period resolution is desired by the user: